Clients care services:

My services include

1-Dental assessments-

examination of all hard and soft tissues including oral cancer screening

2-scaling,root planing,including

periodontal therapy and maintenance with Oraqix needle free anesthesia

3-polishing, (stain removal)

4- custom sports mouth guards,

5-tooth whitening ( 2 methods),

6-denture care,

7-oral hygiene instruction

8-referral services for fillings, orthodontics, tooth extractions,



For the Sporting Enthusiasts

Custom sports mouth guard clinics

If your hockey, soccer or rugby players need mouth guards, call Lee Ann

Brockville area only.


My fees are suggested by the Ontario Dental Hygienist Association. Dental hygienist fees reflect the service provided and the time needed for that service.

I would like to remind you that it is recommended that you do visit your dentist periodically for x rays and needed maintenance.

If however you need dental hygiene treatment, call your dental hygienist.

I am currently accepting payment at

the time services are rendered. If you are fortunate to have dental insurance all insurance companies are now acknowledging dental hygiene services provided by independent dental hygiene practitioners.

For a full range of services and fees please visit the Ontario Dental Hygienist Association at . If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I will be happy to address any additional questions or concerns


Entering my seventh year in business I am happy to announce that all Insurance providers now proudly recognize independent dental hygienists. Alternative Dental Hygiene Services allows payments directly from your insurance company. ADHS also accepts cash and cheque payments.